Museums of Azerbaijan


“Varqa and Gulsha: irreversible”

Audio-visual installation
Sound-Ibrahim Babayev
Digital visualization-Timur Amirkhan
Curator-Konul Rafiyeva

The museum space will turn into the area of total audiovisual performance of contemporary artists. Walking the stairs, corridors, exhibition halls a visitor will enter his own world, where the impressions got from the artworks, will be in touch through music, and the light-emitting visual effects synchronize emotional rhytms of the visitors. This installation is the opportunity for a contemporary audience to get a new look at a rich collection of Azerbaijani art of the museum and a new format of exposition, digitalization of the collection and interactivity for visitors. The authors during creating this multimedia project were inspired by a tragic history of love of Varga and Gulsha, the heroes of manuscript of the poem by Ayyuki “Varga and Gulsha”, belonging to the beginning of XIII century and which is illustrated by the artist Abdul Momin al-Khoi as the view from reverse perspective to the beginning of the history as the travel from future to the past showing the irreversibility of history. This installation, created on the basis of the works from the permanent exposition of the Azerbaijan National Museum of Art, represents a digital and sound format of immersion in the world of adventures, wars, unexpected twists of fate and a happy or a tragic end, where both beginning and end are equal, where history is reset. So, battle and genre episodes, happy, tragic; the end and the beginning alternate in a clear rhythm, forming symmetrical cycles, saturating the world around emotionally and psychologically.