Museums of Azerbaijan


Sustainable fashion

Multimedia instalyasiya
Artists: Ludmila Christeseva (Sweden), Gunel Ravilova
Curator: Konul Rafiyeva

Two female artists, Ludmila Christeseva (Sweden) and Gunel Ravilova (Azerbaijan), offer two perspectives on fashion, textiles and ecology in two different guises. A multimedia dialogue between the artists amplifies their voices in a consummated whole, where distinctive artistic perspectives are synthesized on defining the role of textiles in the shaping of female identity. Gunel Ravilova expresses her solitude through her video-storytelling Anticipation, projected as her own reflections on the art works of the Swedish artist sister L. Christeseva. She offers to the audience to join the artistic conversation and draw a personal interpretation on the topics of gender, identity and representation across cultures. Ludmila Christeseva in her Sisterhood exhibits recycled toiles, which are prototype versions of couture collections of several Swedish designers. These toiles, once wrapped human bodies, inevitably ended up in a garbage bin. Utilizing and restoring them into solid sculptures, L. Christeseva explores questions regarding individuality, identity and sisterhood on the one hand, and questions regarding sustainability and frailty on the other.