Museums of Azerbaijan


Open space live concert

Baku Chamber Orchestra
Conducted by Honorary artist of Azerbaijan Fuad Ibrahimov
Live musical-visual animation “Sattar Bahlulzadeh: new take ”, 2022

A multimedia presentation of paintings by Azerbaijani artist Sattar Bahlulzadeh from the collection of the Azerbaijan National Museum of Art will be synchronized with the live voices of the musical instruments of the Baku Chamber Orchestra and soloists in the museum's palazzo among the sculptures, where the music and the magical world of the genius come into contact and are converted into a total installation. The artist's paintings are rhythmic and plastic in their structure, and the color scheme will allow each work to sound in its own way and give viewers a new metaphysical experience. In parallel with excursions in the exposition halls, where guests and visitors of the museum will be able to get acquainted with the work of the master at the permanent exhibition, the visual installation in the open air will unveil the new digital aspect of the versatility of his talent.