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Exhibition Two Hearts One Destiny at the Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum

On Tuesday, 19 April, the Azerbaijan National Carpet Museum (ANCM) will host the opening of the exhibition Two Hearts One Destiny, representing the creativity of Ujal Hagverdiyev and Elena Hagverdiyeva, remarkable Azerbaijani artists and an amazing couple secured in each other’s love and art journey through life together. The event also comprises the presentation of the catalog Two Hearts One Destiny published in three languages as part of the project.

The exhibition features 54 paintings and works of decorative and applied art. These include a series of paintings Carpet Gardens by Elena Hagverdiyeva. They narrate scenes reminiscent of luxurious Safavid palace carpets, hunting and garden carpets, illustrating landscapes, still life, and portraits of lovers. The show presents a never-seen-before facet of Ujal Hagverdiyev's strikingly versatile creativity in painting and graphics, murals, poetry, and applied art. Among them are embroidery, ceramics, stone and woodwork. The iconographic images of saints, portraits of his wife and muse Elena in the Italian Renaissance style, tableau vivant, and compositions that evoke associations with the works of the great modern artists constitute the majority of this direction of his creativity. Many of his ceramics and woodwork figure images of animals.

The ANCM will organize masterclasses and lectures within the exhibition.

The exhibition runs until 19 June.